A downloadable game for Windows

In the year 2141, an advanced human civilization invented the technology to travel through time.

However... they treated it as their religion. They have built temples throughout time which granted their visitors the power to time travel.

I am a samurai.. from the year 1400.

I am one of the time guardians, tasked to protect my temple from the invaders who seek its power. Well.. I was.

I have failed my duty, so i was exiled in time by my clan,  to the year 2055. Now I'm being hunted by the time council since i don't belong in this time period.

I have to get back.


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Looks cool but the ability icons are directly from Overwatch's Genji's Dash and Reflect. Not sure if they belong to them or anything.


Yeah they're traced right from Overwatch. I'm planning to update them as the project goes on later. I hope it doesn't go into copyright or anything since the game is free. :)